Township is Hiring!

About Us

We're thoughtful product designers, developers, and brand builders. Township helps ambitious teams create engaging product experiences and the brands who take them to market.

We provide quality technical and design expertise with attention and care for the people building the solutions. Working with Township means support from a team motivated by healthy collaboration and real-world impact. We center our work on understanding challenges, aligning on the problems to solve, and maintaining effective communication on the roadmap to achieving success.

Our team joins client partner missions to identify a thoughtful technical path forward and create beautiful designs to achieve their goals.

We created Township to prove that a positive impact on our people's lives and quality technology design can thrive in a two-way relationship. We extend this belief to our client partnerships, the products we develop for your customers, and the communities our work impacts.

Township's equal opportunity employment

Township strives to contribute to the health and happiness of each one of its teammates by providing a workplace that is free from harassment, discrimination, or retaliation. All aspects of employment are rooted in respect and responsibility to those around us, whether that be our teammates, clients, or our greater community.

Township does not discriminate on the basis of religion, disability, marital status, age, medical condition, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or veteran status. Township is explicitly anti-racism.

Township is an equal opportunity employer. We are all responsible for upholding this policy. Current and prospective teammates are welcome to discuss any questions regarding equal employment opportunity with Township's leadership.